Tammarra is from Estacada, a bedroom community of Portland, Oregon.  She is a fraternal twin and likely the most Irish looking Native American of the Chinook Tribe.  Tammarra's mother, Gloria Smith, was Tammarra's number one role model.  Gloria grew up in poverty and abuse but forged her own story by overcoming many obstacles to be a successful mother and career woman.    This amazing lady passed away from cancer in December 2015, 3 months before the SWC PTO was formally organized.  However, as a woman whose passion was education - despite never having an opportunity to complete her teaching degree - Gloria's memory lives on for Tammarra in the work she does for the SWC PTO.


Tammarra grew up visiting family in SWC as a child, and in 2009 Tammarra, her husband Brandon, and their two children moved to SWC from Salem Oregon.  Shortly after they arrived, so did their third child.  Their oldest graduated from SWC High School and is now enrolled in Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA; their second is attending SWC High School and teaching herself to play the piano; and their third is just starting first grade at Maupin Elementary.  Tammarra's greatest joy and accomplishment in life is being a mom.


Tammarra has an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies from Pioneer Pacific College and a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from University of Phoenix.  Tammarra brings a strong background of paralegal and social service experience to the SWC PTO, having worked: 12 years as a paralegal primarily in the litigation, employment, family, and administrative law areas; and 4 years as a frontline social services caseworker for children.  In 2012 Boys and Girls Aid invited her to be a guest speaker at The Child Welfare League of America Conference in Washington, D.C., in recognition of her ability to use critical thinking skills to creatively problem solve and her exceptional efforts to collaborate interagency for the benefit of the children she served.  Tammarra understands that children share basic needs, but that every child is unique.  She is a passionate advocate for children, and a strong proponent for arts in education because she has seen firsthand what a powerful tool the arts can be in healing the trauma impacted brain.


Tammarra has a history of volunteerism including: serving on a missions trip to build a homes and churches in an impoverished community; the United Way; Hood-to-Coast; Start Making A Reader Today (SMART) Program; Poker Run (for veterans); Splash for Pink (for cancer); VFW; VFW Ladies Auxiliary and likely several more. 

This is the first non-profit Tammarra has started or served with in a board position.  Tammarra is excited to be a part of a team that will build a community and a culture of support for our SWC students.  It is her hope that these same students will in turn be over-comers who make a powerfully positive difference in the worlds they touch.

Faith has been teaching 1st through 8th grades for 14 years, and she is currently teaching 6th grade. 

She has a Bachelors in Elementary Education from Pacific Lutheran University and a Masters in Administration from the University of Phoenix.  Faith loves music, drama, and visual arts.  She loves finding ways for students to be excited about coming to school and knowing that what they do there helps them think about who they want to become.  Faith is a teacher full of tenacious optimism and an insatiable desire to empower the success of every child she meets.  Her sense of humor, her smile and her laughter are all contagious but quickly give way her deeper qualities of steely determination and enduring resiliency.  


Faith went to SWC High School, where she met her husband.  They moved back to the area after living in the Seattle Washington area for several years.  Her only child, Andrew, just graduated from South Wasco County High School and is planning to enlist in the military.


Faith is a part of the SWC PTO because she believes that parent and teacher input and support around a child's education is critical.  The PTO is a great opportunity for parents and teachers to communicate with the district about what they would like to see for their kids and support the district through volunteer efforts and financial contributions .  Faith is excited to see our students achieve great things and hopes she can continue being a positive role.

Salena's family ancestry is steeped in SWC history; if family history could be dated and valued hers would be a priceless SWC antique.  Salena was born and raised in South Wasco County, her family sustained itself on the now decimated logging industry.  Salena and her husband Brian both graduated from South Wasco County High School, and after graduation, they both started careers in local jobs and settled down here to raise a family.  They had two boys who now both attend school in SWC.  But this is not just a circle...this is a 5 generation loop!  Salena's husband's great-great maternal grandmother, Ida Fargher, was the first graduating class of Maupin (now South Wasco County High School) in 1919, which consisted of only 3 graduates.  So, when Salena's oldest son Bryce graduates in 2019, it will symbolize 100 years and 5 generations of academic graduates in this heritage family.  As a matter of fact, Salena is a distant relation to Maupin's own mini-celebrity Stan Fargher, who owns the Maupin Hardware Store and who is a radio show host on a local station broadcasting out of The Dalles.


Salena has unique insight into helping children with distinctive physical and learning challenges overcome and succeed.  After Salena's oldest son Bryce was born, he exhibited signs of weakness and underdevelopment on his right side.  Before he was a year old, it was confirmed at OHSU's

Doernbechers Children's Hospital with an MRI that he had had a stroke in uterus.  Salena worked with her son and medical providers, physical therapists and occupational therapist to help him develop his motor skills, strength and mobility.  She has never held her son back, but supported his activities and interests, and worked with him to see him succeed.  When asked about her role she says, "I don't know any other way."


Salena works at the Maupin Post Office and has for many years.  She has volunteered with 4H, little league, the school and now the SWC PTO.  Salena brings a network of local knowledge and relationships to the PTO, in addition to a unique understanding of the geographical and logistical challenges that come with communicating with the rural community at large here in SWC.  Salena is excited to serve as the Co-Vice President with the SWC PTO, and it has been noted that she works as hard as two people. 

She is truly motivated to raise funds for education and build a community of support for our students.  After all, Salena's great, great, great grandson may someday be her legacy graduate!

Josh is a 38 year old father of 7, sometimes 8 but, actually 25...  Josh lived in The Dalles for the first 37 years of his life, but did most of his growing up on his grandfather's farm in Wamic. His parents worked crazy hours in the summer and his grandpa, grandma and uncle were all happy to watch after him on the family farm. When he wasn't on the farm, he was busy with Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H and FFA. All of which presented him with leadership experiences. After high school, Josh attended college for three years with study in agriculture, natural resource management and forestry. On June 20th, 2000 he started his career at Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District. In those 17 years he has been a part of a team that has brought millions of dollars of state, federal and non-profit grants into Wasco County. These grants are all natural resource related and have had a huge benefit to the local economy and environment.


Josh loves serving the community and helping those who need it.  Josh was also a firefighter and EMT for 10 years. This was a huge passion of his, as he loved helping people, and - word has it - he was good at it.  In 2007 he met his wife Michelle.  She was a single mom with a three year old son and Josh quickly fell in love with both of them.  The couple married in January of 2009, and their second son was born in December of 2009. The tough rescue guy that could deal with any emergency and never worried about anything, now worried about his wife and kids.  His days of fire and rescue were over.   However, Josh's desire to serve the community was quickly filled by the Oregon Foster Care System. In the last 7 years he and his wife have fostered 22 children, adopted two girls and had a third boy of their own. They currently have two foster children in addition to their permanent five, totaling seven children.  For Josh and Michelle, their kids are the number one priority in their life. Josh says, "If you have kids and they aren't your number one priority, you need to get your priorities straight."


Josh has also volunteered in various other organizations, such as the Mule Deer Association, Oregon

Hunter's Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Habitat for Humanity, Boy Scouts of America, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and was a little League coach for 7 of the last 9 years.


Josh's beloved grandpa and grandma passed on, and in July 2016 Josh and Michelle sold their 0.18 acres in The Dalles and relocated the family to the farm.  His kids will now grow up on the 400 acres where he spent his youth, hoping his grandfather watches over them as they grow. 


Prior to leaving The Dalles, Josh participated in the School District 21 Grassroots Organization and the school's wellness committee. Wanting to stay involved in his children's education when they moved to SWC, Josh joined the South Wasco PTO in September 2016; and Josh was just elected to serve on the SWC School Board. Josh brings to the SWC PTO Board a host of grant writing experience, a spirit of community service and heart designed to care for the needs of kids. 

Coral Anne was born and raised on her family’s wheat ranch in the heart of the Palouse country of Eastern Washington State.   Growing up in a farming family taught her early on the importance of a hard day’s work.  She spent her youth driving wheat truck and being involved in various activities like 4-H, FFA and many volunteer community projects.  After graduating high school and obtaining an AAS degree in Orthotic / Prosthetic Tech from Spokane Falls College, she moved to Bend Oregon to pursue her career.  This career path eventually lead her to a job in Ft. Collins Colorado where she began to work with local Veterinarians to fabricate splints and bracing devices for dogs and horses.  


In 1997, Coral Anne moved back to Oregon with her husband and started her own business manufacturing small animal splinting and bracing products for the Veterinary industry.  She created, developed and marketed her own product, growing her business to meet supply and demand, until she later sold her company.  She knows how important a good team is to the success of an organization.


Coral Anne, her husband and daughter have been residents of South Wasco County for over 15 years.  Her daughter is a student at SWC High School and has attended school there since 2008.


Coral Anne is an active volunteer in her local Church, 4-H leader and in the Parent Teacher Organization.


Coral Anne truly enjoys her volunteer work with the PTO and feels it is necessary, in a small community, to be involved, especially when you have an opportunity to make such a positive impact in children's lives.    

Kimberly was born and raised in Southern California.  When she was 20 years old she moved to Oregon to be closer to her sister, and later the rest of her tight-knit family would follow.  Kimberly has lived in SWC for 11 years now, and has two children who attend junior high and high school.


Kimberly married and had children in her early and mid 20’s.  When challenges in her marriage brought it to an unexpected end, a bewildered Kimberly took to the job of being a single parent with steadfast purpose and conviction.  There were times she felt alone and extremely overwhelmed, and times when finances were very tight.  There were times when Kimberly required social service assistance to give her small family the necessary basic things they needed.  But with a strong faith in God and her priorities fixed, Kimberly worked hard, persevered and overcame many obstacles to advocate and achieve for her small family.  As a single parent, Kimberly bought her first family home in 2010.  In 2016, Kimberly and her small family purchased 10+ acres of property, on which they recently broke ground in preparation to build a new home.  


Kimberly has a background in banking, and she now works at the local medical office, Deschutes Rim

Health Clinic, as an administrative assistant.  Kimberly brings to the SWC Organizational Board of Directors a working knowledge of finance and banking, and an amazing ability to pinch a penny and work within a budget.  She is a virtual wiz at data mining and reporting.


Kimberly’s volunteer experience includes serving on the MAC Dash, volunteering with various chambers, working as a school volunteer in the classroom and on fieldtrips, volunteering with her local church and volunteering for little league, including sitting on their board.  This is her second time serving on a volunteer board, and she is honored to be a part of the SWC PTO Board.  She is excited to see the SWC PTO grow and expand its capacity of service to support the education of students in SWC through arts in education, field trips and other opportunities.

Amy is currently serving as Secretary for the South Wasco County PTO. Originally from Portland, she chose to walk away from her career at an energy conservation non-profit and move to rural Maupin, where she and her husband hoped to set down roots and start a family. They also dreamed of owning a whitewater raft company, and in 2009 they did just that!  With a seasonal staff of around 20, they run trips on 5 different rivers in the Pacific Northwest. In the middle of all that they also found the time to have two absolutely incredible daughters who will - without a doubt - run the world some day: Lillie 1st grade and Juniper pre-K.


Now settled in their life here, they are members of the Maupin Chamber of Commerce, where Amy sits on the marketing committee, and they are happy to support and coordinate the annual SOLVE Lower Deschutes River Clean-Up. Amy held the positions of vice-president and president of the local Head Start Parent Committee.  Now she is truly excited to be a part of the SWC PTO, where she can bring the skills she learned from her “old” life, including event planning and marketing, coordinating for a national association of engineers, and manual editing, and the skills she's learned from her “new” life with managing staff, social media marketing, and generally making sure people have an incredible trip on some amazing rivers. 


Amy is a happy, dynamic self-starter with a lot of initiative and great people skills, who likes to get things done...and to the benefit of the SWC PTO, she is also a bit of a tech wiz! Amy likes to see her efforts end in results. She knows that sometimes things get done with good planning, and sometimes things get done with sheer will-power. Amy shares that "joining the SWC PTO has been so good for me, where committed parents and teachers come together with a common goal of supporting and improving the lives of our children.  I see determination and drive and true enjoyment in the faces of the members of our PTO.  I can’t wait to see how much we can get done together over the years to come.  

Lynn is in his second year as the K-12 principal for South Wasco County School District.  He has nearly 30 years experience as a teacher, coach, and educational leader.  Although that makes him older, the years have done nothing to diminish his enthusiasm for working with students, parents and patrons.   He loves working in a small school environment where community involvement is high and the school is an important part of the community not only for parents, but for everyone.


Education and service is a family affair for the Cowdreys.  Lynn is a 1976 graduate of Central Linn High School, has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies Education from Oregon State University and a Master’s degree from George Fox University in Educational Leadership.  Before coming to Maupin, he spent 25 years teaching and serving in a variety of student activity positions, including Student Council Advisor, various coaching positions (but always basketball!), concessions supervisor, Jr./Sr. banquet supervisor, Prom supervisor and athletic director.  He was the first 1A Athletic Director to be on the Oregon Athletic Director’s Association Executive Board, serving 6 years including being President and Past President.  Lynn's wife Toni is a retired Family and Consumer Sciences teacher and currently is writing curriculum for Career and Technical Education courses that she will teach for Oregon State University. Toni will also serve as the District Testing Coordinator and Concessions Supervisor for the South Wasco County School District next year.  Lynn and Toni are very proud of their daughters Domini and Tori.  Domini is an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist and Early Childhood Special Education teacher at Linn-Benton-Lincoln Education Service District and Tori is currently in charge of the K-12 Special Education Department at Alsea School District.


Lynn is proud and excited to be a part of the SWC PTO for the opportunities it affords in bringing students, parents, and the community together to continually grow educational opportunities for South Wasco County students.   With its focus on students and student learning, the PTO is a vital partner working with the district to provide opportunities that would not have been possible without the organization.

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