While you enjoy a night out at the Bloom 'n Beef, let your child(ren) between the ages of 3-12 have a fun night out at the Blooming Kid Zone! In the kid zone, your child will enjoy quality care, food, games, crafts, fun with friends and a movie, for only $5.00 per child.


The Bloom 'n Beef is a did friendly fundraiser, but we recognize that fundraisers are not always fun for kids. So, this is a great time for parents to enjoy a date night while ensuring their child has a blooming good time as well!


What: The Blooming Kid Zone

Where: Wasco County Fairgrounds

When: Saturday, May 4th 4PM - 9PM

Why: Your child will have quality care, dinner and snacks,

and kid centered fun with games, crafts, fun with friends and a movie.

Who: Open to kids 3 -12

How: We will have a safe drop off pick up

method and adults experienced in child care.

Cost: $5.00 per child