South Wasco County Parent Teacher Organization


Our Mission  –

It is the mission of the SWC PTO to: remove student barriers; meet student needs; and cultivate student desires to learning in South Wasco County. 


Our Goal –

It is the goal of the SWC PTO to ensure that every child has the opportunity and a warm invitation to engage in an exceptional educational and cultural experience that meets their needs where they are at and grows them to their future, so that they may reach their fullest academic and social potential.  First, we produce fundraisers and funding for education and educational opportunities, and to promote education and educational opportunities, in South Wasco County.  Secondly, we provide educational services and supplemental educational services, including but not limited to services needed to (1) remove individual and group student barriers to education; (2) serve individual and group needs for education; and (3) cultivate individual and group desires for educational opportunities.

Company Information –

The South Wasco County Parent Teacher Organization is a grassroots, independent, 501(c)(3), educational non-profit, established in the State of Oregon in February 2016 by- parent Tammarra Ferguson. It's organizational board consists of the following members, listed in order of office and alphabetically by last name:  Tammarra Ferguson; co-President; Faith Lindley, co-President; Salena LaFaver, co-Vice President; Josh Thompson, co-Vice President; Coral Anne Roeder, co-Treasurer; Kimberly Stebbins, co-Treasurer; and Amy Pallari-Lewis, Secretary.  Our organization is 100% volunteer driven and operated.  We believe in leadership from every chair and double fill all our positions to ensure the continuance of posterity of our organization. 

The idea of forming a parent teacher group in South Wasco County was an idea born from the thoughts and experiences of SWC teacher Faith Lindley, who recognized the intrinsic value of every student having a community of support.  After the school district lost is music funding, the SWC PTO was formally organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in February 2016 by parent - and former corporate paralegal - Tammarra Ferguson who rued "the day the music died" and in sorrow drank Ms. Faith's "dream-weaver" Kool-Aid.  Together, this passionate, creative and motivated duo set about creating a community of educational support, the start-up team of "day-dream-believers" we now know as the original SWC PTO Board:  Faith Lindley, co-president; Tammarra Ferguson, co-President; Salena LaFaver, vice-president; Kimberly Stebbins, co-Treasurer; Coral Anne Roeder, co-Treasurer; and Noreen Bloch, Secretary.  And although the board members have changed - Noreen Bloch retired as Secretary; and the SWC PTO gain Josh Thompson as a co-Vice President, and Amy Pallari-Lewis as Secretary - the heart and passion each board member brings remains.  In fact the SWC PTO's first operating year in 2016/2017 was so successful it empowered the SWC School District to take incremental and progressively increasing steps to restoring and building up a music program for SWC students.  We knew we could do more for our students by bringing our community together...and we are!