South Wasco County Parent Teacher Organization


Who We Are...

We are parents, teachers, students, relatives, friends, and neighbors who care about children and their educational experience.  And, because we care, we serve.  It is our objective to remove the barriers; serve the needs; and cultivate the desires to learn, so that every child might receive an education that meets their needs and inspires them to reach their fullest potential.

What We Do...

It is the goal of the SWC PTO to raise funds, issue funding, promote volunteerism and foster relationships among South Wasco County's community, parents, teachers and School District.  We promote arts in education and field trips; it is our desire to support activities and programs that expand our children's mental and creative capacities, and inspire their future dreams.

How You Can Help...

The SWC PTO is a member funded and member driven organization.  We meet in the Maupin Grade School Library at 6:00 PM the first Wednesday of every month...except July when we take a break.  Please consider becoming a member, volunteering at the school or at one of our events, serving on a committee or the board, and/or attending our fundraising events and bring your friends and family with you.

​About Us

The idea of forming a parent teacher group in South Wasco County was an idea born from the thoughts and experiences of SWC teacher Faith Lindley, who recognized the intrinsic value of every student having a community of support.  After the school district lost is music funding, the SWC PTO was formally organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in February 2016 by parent - and former corporate paralegal - Tammarra Ferguson who rued "the day the music died" and in sorrow drank Ms. Faith's "dream-weaver" Kool-Aid.  Together, this passionate, creative and motivated duo set about creating a community of educational support, the start-up team of "day-dream-believers" we now know as the original SWC PTO Board: